A message from the South Dakota State Fair Manager Peggy Besch:

As South Dakotans continue to deal with the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19, the South Dakota State Fair continues to monitor the situation daily. We anticipate a very different fair this year which includes a significant loss in revenue and are looking for every opportunity to reduce or eliminate non-essential spending.  As a result, we have made the decision to not order any ribbons, plaques, rosettes, trophies, and banners. We will be utilizing the inventory we have on hand.

Important note for those showing at the 2020 State Fair:

4-H has informed us they will be limiting numbers for the State Fair to 2 head per species for each show person.  This includes all species.  FFA will do the same.  Each FFA member may enter 2 head per species.  There is one exception to this. If the immediate family own livestock together and the animals are entered for 4-H, they can be shown under 1 member for FFA.  So for instance,  If you have 1 FFA member and 2 other kids who are in 4-H, the FFA member could show 6 in the FFA show for that species.  If a family is doing this, you need to put a note with the entry form explaining this so we are aware.  Limits are for stalling and penning so if they are going to be there for 4-H and they are owned as a family, they can be shown for FFA under 1 showperson. If you have questions please contact Dave VanderWal.

Adopt a Critter

2020 Sow/Pig Application

2020 Calf Application

Due August 28th, 2020 - 11:59 pm CST

FFA Superintendent

Dave VanderWal

Phone: (605)690-0880

Mailing Address For Forms:

FFA Livestock Superintendent

1206 N. Samara Ave

Volga, SD 57071

2020 District Officer Work Schedule

Please refer to the time slots signed up for in the Sign Up Genius. 


All entries due August 1st  to

Dave VanderWal


  • Entry form (serves as proof of ownership

  • Waiver

  • W-9

  • Check (made payable to SD State Fair)


Please note that due to COVID-19, absolutely no late entries will be accepted.

Summary of State Fair Changes: 

  1. Rabbit show will be at 5:00 pm Saturday DURING the fair.  This is a change from what is posted in the book.  If you are not showing in open class, you can fill out the FFA only pen request form with your entries and I will give your request to Kristie Sweeter.  You are not guaranteed a pen.  If there is enough you will have a pen.  You will be able to bring the rabbits the day of the show and leave after if you do not get a pen.

  2. Limit of 2 hd per specie per show person.  If they are owned by the immediate family, an FFA member may show more than 2 if they are already there for 4-H or open class.  If you have animals already there and want to enter more than 2 hd you need to put a note with the entry form explaining the situation.

  3. If you are not showing 4-H or openclass, you are still limited to 2 hd and you must fill in the FFA only stall or pen request form. 

  4. There will be no Round Robin showmanship this year.  Those that qualify will be able to show Round robin next year.  There will be 2 divisions for round robin next year and a grand and reserve selected in each one.

  5. There will not be weigh ins for Market Animals this year.  You are supposed to declare a weight and that will be used for class breaks.

  6. On site registration – There is a form for each show person to fill out prior to on site registration posted with the book.  This form will need to be filled in by the show person and turned in at the show office in the FFA building when you get your shirt and number.  You will not be able to come into that office this year.  There will be a window in the doorway to turn in the form and get your shirt and number.

  7. There will be NO interviews for Agriscience exhibits and written materials will not be required. Judging will be on participants boards only. 

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