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State Convention

State Convention Dates and Times

2023: April 16-18th

Location: Brookings

Session 1- April 16th at 7:00pm

Session 2- April 17th at 7:00pm 

Session 3- April 18th at 8:30am

2024: April 14-16th

2025: April 6-8th

Recognized Students at Convention

Students listed will be recognized at State Convention.

2023 Agriscience Finalists

2023 Scholarship Announcement

2023 Star Finalists

2023 Proficiency Finalists

There will be assigned seating on the floor each session when award is given.

Where to Watch Convention


NewsCenter1 and ConnectCenter1 on the following social platforms:





Rapid City Market:

KNBN-DT2 21.2

DirecTV 22

Midco: 18

Vast: 11

Golden West: 12

Sioux Falls Market:

KAUN 25.1

Midco 600

Bluepeak 12/412

GoldenWest 8

Coverage may also be available on additional cable companies. Check your guide for KWSD or KAUN.

Gillette Market:

K22AD 22.1

Guest Speakers

2nd Session Keynote Speaker:

Gracie Murphy, National FFA Central Region Vice President

AgriScience Fair

In Person Contest: POSTPONED to Wednesday, April 12, 2023

West Central School in Hartford, SD

Health & Photo Consent Forms

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