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State Convention

General Information


2023 Convention Program

2022 Convention Program

2022 Certificate Templates

State Convention Dates and Times

2023: April 16-18th

Location: Brookings

Session 1- April 16th at 7:00pm

Session 2- April 17th at 7:00pm

Session 3- April 18th at 8:30am

2024: April 14-16th

2025: April 6-8th

Thank Yous

CDE Faculty and Student Chairs


General Convention

Agriscience Fair


National Chapter/Stars



State Degrees

Finalists and Scholarship Results

Students listed will be recognized at State Convention.

2023 Agriscience Finalists

2023 Scholarship Announcement

2023 Star Finalists

2023 Proficiency Finalists

Where to Watch Convention



DirectTV 22

Rapid City Market:

KNBN-DT2 21.2

Midco: 18

Vast: 11

Golden West: 12

Sioux Falls Market:

KWSD 36.1

Midco: 600

Vast: 12/412

Golden West: 8

Dish: 37

Beresford: 36

Santel: 18

Also on with these cable providers, listed as KWSD in the guide:

Alliance Communications

Interstate Telecommunications Coop.

James Valley Telephone Co.

Midstate Communications, Inc.

RC Technologies

Swiftel Communications

Triotel Communications

Valley Telecommunications Coop.

Venture Communications Coop.

Guest Speakers

Keynote Speaker:

National Officer: 

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