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2022-2023 South Dakota FFA State Officer Team
Back: Sidney Peterson, Ella Stiefvater, Kathryn Rausch
Front: Jacob Olson, Megan Sanders, Caleb McGregor

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State Officer Appearance Request Form

2022-2023 South Dakota FFA State Ambassadors
Ella Monroe and Christina Zoellner



South Dakota FFA State Officers & Ambassadors

Headshot Ella Stiefvater.jpg

Ella Stiefvater

2022-2023 State President

Headshot Kathryn Rausch.jpg

Kathryn Rausch

2022-2023 State Secretary

Headshot Sidney Peterson.jpg

Sidney Peterson

2022-2023 State Reporter


Christina Zoellner

2022-2023 State Ambassador

Headshot Megan Sanders.jpg

Megan Sanders

2022-2023 State Vice President

Headshot Jacob Olson.jpg

Jacob Olson

2022-2023 State Treasurer

Headshot Caleb McGregor.jpg

Caleb McGregor

2022-2023 State Sentinel


Ella Monroe

2022-2023 State Ambassador

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