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National FFA Western Region Vice President

Lyle Logemann

Lyle Logemann, a New Mexico native, has spent the past seven years in FFA and says his fondest memories are of his time spent in the organization. “My favorite memory is when the chapter ran the concession stand,” Logemann said. “I felt I was making a difference within the chapter, helping to raise money to at- tend the national convention. It made me feel like a small-time entrepreneur where I could spend my time wisely, trying to help the chapter.” “With utmost humility, I desire to see students live for the challenges that life brings them and embrace these challenges as a symbol of growth and opportunity coupled with an enterprising attitude,” Logemann said. “These jackets we wear represent the promotion of an idea that we all have value. They represent the journeys that we take to prove ourselves. These jackets represent the idea that nothing is impossible.”

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Inspirational Speaker & Farm Boy

Matt Rush

The man who takes good and makes it... GOODER! From the time Matt Rush was in the 8th grade he knew his life’s ambition was to help others become more than they ever thought possible. Since then, his speeches, seminars and coaching have inspired thousands of people. Having grown up on a farm in rural New Mexico he brings a common sense, “farm boy” logic and humor to his speaking. Rush is passionate about his values, helping others and is dedicated to the development of a strong, successful future for our current and upcoming generation.

Watch Matt's greeting during the 2nd General Session this year - and don't miss his full Keynote Address when joins us at the 2021 State FFA Convention as well!

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